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In my experience with working with East Coast Graphics, not only has it been a pleasurable experience, but good for business as well. Dan Glenn and staff make navigating the world of full service printing one less thing that I have to worry about - I always know that I can trust them completely to get the work done on time and on budget. ECG works to build a relationship with their customers rather than just getting a job done - over the past 8 years I can't imagine using anyone else to do any of my printing projects from our company catalog to posters. In a time where you can start to feel like a number for most companies, East Coast Graphics remembers that the relationship between the vendor and the customer is #1."Byron Reed
Director of Marketing

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CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black--the subtractive primary colors primarily used in process color printing.

Calendered finish - produced by passing paper through a series of metal rollers to give a very smooth surface.

Caliper - Paper thickness in thousandths of an inch. Also the name of the tool used to make the measurement.

Camera ready - artwork or pasted up material that is ready for reproduction.

Camera-ready copy - Print ready mechanical art.

Cap line - an imaginary line across the top of capital letters. The distance from the cap line to the baseline is the cap size.

Caps - an abbreviation for capital letters.

Caps and small caps - a style of type that shows capital letters used in the normal way while the body copy is set in capital letters that are of a slightly smaller size.

Caption - the line(s) of text that refer to information identifying a picture or illustration.

Carbonless - paper coated with chemicals and dye that will produce copies without carbon paper. Also referred to as NCR (No Carbon Required).

Caret marks - an indication to the printer of an omission in the copy indicated as ( ) showing the insertion.

Carload - A truck load of paper weighing 40000 pounds.

Cartridge - a thick general purpose paper used for printing, drawing and wrapping.

Case bound - a hardback book made with stiff outer covers. Cases are usually covered with cloth, vinyl or leather.

Cast off - a calculation determining how much space copy will take up when typeset.

Cast coated - art paper with a exceptionally glossy coated finish usually on one side only.

Catchline - a temporary headline for identification on the top of a galley proof.

Century Schoolbook - a popular serif typeface used in magazines and books for text setting which has a large x-height and an open appearance.

Chalking - a powdering effect left on the surface of the paper after the ink has failed to dry satisfactorily due to a fault in printing.

Character count - the number of characters; i.e. letters, figures, signs or spaces in a piece of copy, line or paragraph used as a first stage in type calculations.

Chase - a metal frame in which metal type and blocks (engravings) are locked into position to make up a page.

Chrome - A term for a transparency.

Close up - a proof correction mark to reduce the amount of space between characters or words indicated as (').

Coated paper - Paper having a surface coating which gives it a smooth finish. Finishes range from neutral matte to heavy gloss. Coated papers generally produce richer, more saturated colors than uncoated papers.

Cold type - type produced without the use of characters cast from molten metal, such as on a VDU.

Collate - the gathering of sheets or signatures in the order in which they will be bound.

Color balance - the correct combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to reproduce a photographic image without introducing color cast.

Color bar - A quality control term regarding the spots of ink color on the tail of a sheet.

Color correction - Methods of improving color separations.

Color filter - Filters uses in making color separations, red, blue, and green.

Color keys - off-press overlay color proofs using 3M color key materials.

Color matching system - A system of formulated ink colors used for communicating color.

Color proofs - see analog proofs, off-press proofs

Color separations - The process of preparing artwork, photographs, transparencies, or computer generated art for printing by separating into the four primary printing colors of yellow, magenta, cyan and black. These should not be confused with the optical primaries; red, green and blue.

Color space - a method of mathematically representing color, including gray scale, RGB, CMYK, and CIELAB

Column inch - a measure of area used in newspapers and magazines to calculate the cost of display advertising. A column inch is one column wide by one inch deep.

Column rule - a light faced vertical rule used to separate columns of type.

Comb bind - To plastic comb bind by inserting the comb into punched holes.

Compose - to set copy into type.

Composite film - Combining two or more images on one or more pieces of film.

Concertina fold - a method of folding in which each fold opens in the opposite direction to its neighbor, giving a concertina or pleated effect.

Condensed - a style of typeface in which the characters have an elongated appearance.

Continuous tone - an image in which the subject has continuous shades of color or gray without being broken up by dots. Continuous tones cannot be reproduced in that form for printing but must be screened to translate the image into dots.

Contact print - a photographic print made from a negative or positive in contact with sensitized paper, film, or printing plate

Contrast - the tonal gradations between the highlights, midtones, and shadows in an original or reproduction. Most commonly used when dealing with photographic art.

Copy - any furnished material (text, photographs, line art, etc.) to be used in the production of printed materials.

Copyright - The right of copyright gives protection to the originator of material to prevent use without express permission or acknowledgement of the originator.

Corner marks - marks printed on a sheet to indicate the trim or register marks.

Cover paper - a term applied to a variety of papers used for the covers of magazines, catalogs, brochures, and other such materials.

Crimping - Puncture marks holding business forms together.

Cropping - the elimination of parts of a photograph or other original that are not required to be printed. Cropping allows the remaining parts of the image to be enlarged to fill the space.

Cromalin - off-press color proofs made using DuPont Cromalin materials.

Crop - To cut off parts of a picture or image.

Crop marks - Printed lines showing where to trim a printed sheet.

Crossover - Printing across the gutter or from one page to the facing page of a publication.

Cross head - a heading set in the body of the text used to break it into easily readable sections.

Cursive - used to describe typefaces that resemble written script.

Cut flush - a method of trimming a book after the cover has been attached to the pages.

Cutout - a halftone where the background has been removed to produce a silhouette.

Cyan - one of the subtractive primary colors, the hue of which is used for one of the four process color printing inks. It reflects or transmits blue or green light and absorbs red light.

Indoor Printing:
  • Retail Signs
  • Exhibit/Tradeshow Graphics
  • Backlit Displays
  • Window Graphics
  • Floor Decals
  • Posters
  • Murals and Backdrops
  • Photo Enlargements
  • Design Mockups
  • Platform Posters
  • Interior Transit
Outdoor Printing:
  • Billboards
  • Signs
  • Banners
  • Vehicle/Fleet Graphics
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Backlit Displays
  • Posters
  • Window Graphics
  • Building Wraps
  • Bus Sides
  • Transit Shelter Displays
  • Bench & Receptacle Ads
  • Telephone Kiosks
  • Floor Decals

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