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In my experience with working with East Coast Graphics, not only has it been a pleasurable experience, but good for business as well. Dan Glenn and staff make navigating the world of full service printing one less thing that I have to worry about - I always know that I can trust them completely to get the work done on time and on budget. ECG works to build a relationship with their customers rather than just getting a job done - over the past 8 years I can't imagine using anyone else to do any of my printing projects from our company catalog to posters. In a time where you can start to feel like a number for most companies, East Coast Graphics remembers that the relationship between the vendor and the customer is #1."Byron Reed
Director of Marketing

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Promotional Clothing Company - Long Island, New York


Promotional Clothing: How Apparel can Speak for your Business

Are you looking for a new, creative way to advertise your business? Are you bored with the same old business cards, magnets, flyers, etc? If so, you should try advertising with clothing. Apparel is one of the best ways to advertise, since people are always wearing T-shirts, polos, jackets and hats.

The idea of promotional clothing has been around since the beginning of the 1900’s, but it really became popular in the 1950’s. It was during this time that it became common for people to wear t-shirts with logos and even subliminal messages printed on them. Until the 1970’s, company t-shirts were usually handed out as an advertisement method - however once the 70’s hit, people were also willing to pay for clothing printed with company logos.

Today, it is common for companies to use clothing as a free promotional item and as a way to make a profit. For example, people will pay $30 for a shirt that has the name of the clothing company printed on it. This not only generates quite a profit for the company, but it is also great advertisement and branding technique. If other people want to buy the same shirt, they do not even have to ask where it is from since the company is displayed right on it.

Even if your business is not a clothing company, promotional apparel is still a great advertising tool. Free t-shirts are probably the most well-rounded clothing giveaway. People love free t-shirts and can never have enough of them. They tend to wear free t-shirts to places like the gym and the beach. Think about how many people will see the person wearing your t-shirt. The gym is a great place for your promotional clothing to be worn. There are plenty of cross-promotion items that will go great with your corporate apparel as well. Try advertising your business on items such as bags, golf balls, sports bottles, and umbrellas.

Promotional clothing is an excellent, creative way to advertise your business. There are tons of options to choose from when creating your promotional clothing. You can use t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, fleece, rain gear, or hats just to name a few items. Then you can choose screen-printing, custom graphics, or embroidery to display your company logo too. Whatever you feel is best for your business, the promotional clothing industry will be able to accommodate all your needs and help you begin a great advertising endeavor. Your imagination is the boundary of what you can achieve!

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